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About Rani Ayal
Rani Ayal has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine since 1988. Initially trained in Shiatsu and Meridian Acupuncture in Japan, Rani returned to Israel and continued his studies in Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tai Qi Chuan and Chinese.

קורסים קרובים
30-31/8/2014 Katowice, Poland: Ghost points and mental disorders
19-20/9/2015 Berlin, Germany: Extra Meridians and autoimmune diseases

The heavenly truth
The yellow emperor asked: I have heard that in ancient times people lived 120 years without weakening. Today, however, people age prematurely and are old at age 60 years. Is this because of changes in nature or because people lost...

לימודי המשך
About Eve
About two thirds of medical patients, both conventional and alternative, are women. Women´s special needs have been considered, since antiquity, as an area of speciality in Chinese Medicine. This course consists of three separate seminars about...

הצצה לטיפול בילדים
patrick, 4, skin
Patrick, a hot-tempered 4 year old, came in to my clinic, took one look around and immediately said that he is willing to go only in to the yellow room and not the white one "because it smells bad"...

הצצה לטיפול במבוגרים
yitzhak, 67, cancer
"My doctor recommended that I come to see you" was the first thing Yitzhak, a 67 year old male, said to me. "I am receiving chemotherapy and I was told you might be able to help me with the side-effects". Yitzhak has lung cancer...
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