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Yitzhak, 67, Cancer

"My doctor recommended that I come to see you" was the first thing Yitzhak, a 67 year old male, said to me.

"I am receiving chemotherapy and I was told you might be able to help me with the side-effects".

Yitzhak has lung cancer after 40 years of heavy smoking.

Because of the disease he recently quit smoking altogether but he still misses it very much.

Yitzhak was a very healthy person all his life.

Even today he looks strong and robust with a booming voice and sports a thick head of white hair and a mustache.


Since beginning chemotherapy Yitzhak suffers from constipation, gas and insomnia that are made even worse because of frequent urination during the night.

Another major problem is a poor appetite because of nausa and heartburn.

Tongue- wide, thick and stiff, the coloring is red-purple and the coating - peeled in the center.

Pulse- deep, hard, irregular and week in both lower positions.


Diagnosis and principle of treatment:

The main obvious element Yitzhak projects is wood. It accounts for his directness, assertiveness and power, his sense of purpose and his booming voice.

The problem is excess metal crippling the wood and causing the restriction of free movement of Qi in the body manifesting as constipation, gas and indigestion.

The cancer itself is an improper growth of wood inside the lung organ.

In addition the chronic excess heat and stagnation from long years of smoking caused weakness of the kidneys and of the metabolism of fluids (Tw).

The principle of treatment chosen was balancing the energy of wood and feeding water.



For the first treatment I selected bl62 on the left, si3 on the right and bl1 on the left.

The purpose of the treatment was to begin movement from yang to yin and build the energy in the lower Jiao.

After two weeks Yitzhak came back feeling better. His bowel movements were regular and he was sleeping better.

He still woke once at night to urinate and still suffers from heartburn.

In the second session I punctured kid27 bilaterally to moisten the lungs and tonifies kid yin.

The third treatment consisted of kid6 and gb30 in order to build the energy in the lower Jiao and facilitate the movement of wood.

By the forth treatment Yitzhak was doing much better and we turned to address the malignancy in the lung itself.

I treated lu11 in order to strengthen the flow of Wei Qi in the divergent meridian, and in order to balance metal and wood.


Yitzhak has been with me for over 6 months. He successfully completed his chemotherapy and radiation treatment and the cancer is gone.

He feels healthy and strong and didn┤t even lose his hair.

We see each other once a month for support and prevention. - ß­ÚÚ˙ Ó˙°ÚÝ