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Patrick, 4, Skin

Patrick, a hot-tempered 4 year old, came into my clinic, took one look around and immediately said that he is willing to go only  into the yellow room and not the white one "because it smells bad". His parents brought him to me because he suffers from Psoriasis (a skin disease) and from a slight asthmatic condition. Other then this he is a strong and healthy child and is almost never sick.

Patrick is an adopted child. He was born in Russia and lives happily with his parents in Israel ever since he was a baby. The problem started after his circumcision ceremony, with big red and dry blotches on the skin starting from the penis and spreading to the face, head, elbows and knees. The problems get worse in winter and in dry conditions. In addition Patrick is very sensitive to noise, smells and touch, tends to high tempers and can be very stubborn.

Tongue: long, red and swollen at the tip and with a small crack in it.

Pulse: strong and fiery-  excessive at Ht,Tw, Kid positions; weak at Bl position.

Diagnosis: The main imbalance seen in Patrick is in the fire element.

This accounts for his fiery personality, his over-sensitivity to any interaction with the outside world and the excess heat in his body.
The skin disease is the adverse reaction of the over-controlled metal element hopelessly trying to create a thick shield to protect the body from this excessive stimulation.The underlying reason for the imbalance in fire is the weakness in water that manifests as lack of communication between kidney and bladder as seen on the pulse. This lack of communication damages the movement of fluid in the body resulting in dryness in the skin and over-heating.

treatment: For the first treatment I selected 3 points: Kid-4 and bl-64: guest and host in order to balance the water element. Tw-15 dispersion: in order to release excess heat.


After one week Patrick came back in a much better state: His skin was much better and his face was totally well. In addition there was a change in his behavior and we have been good friends ever since (although i still feel "on probation" every time he comes!). In the second treatment i dispersed st-25 (to release heat) and on the third treatment I tonified bl-40 (to build water). Patrick┤s condition is getting better and we now meet about once a month towards the end of the treatment. - ß­ÚÚ˙ Ó˙°ÚÝ